We are a tech business with a purpose: helping households save money.

We have leading consumer finance brands powered by our proprietary tech-led savings platform. When combined with our data-rich environment, we offer more ways to save for providers and consumers. The business model is highly profitable, cash generative and asset light, with opportunities for growth across the breadth of our markets.

Why invest in MONY Group?

Clear social purpose

Our mission is simple: to help households save money. In 2023, we helped households save an estimated £2.7bn.

Scalable tech platform

Our offer is underpinned by our scalable and flexible technology solutions that are increasingly able to support multiple in-house and external brands from a common platform. We power price comparison across the Group, and for our B2B partners.

Power of our data

We have a single source of rich, real-time data that allows us to personalise the customer experience, generate real-time performance information, and provide relevant, useful data to providers. Our proprietary "Dialogue" question set platform makes it simpler and quicker for customers to make comparison journeys, with Dialogue now powering 76% of MSM user enquiries on core product lines.

Leading, trusted brands

MONY Group unites powerful, trusted consumer brands. Our financial products comparison site MoneySuperMarket is the most recommended price comparison website and makes it easy to find great deals. MoneySavingExpert is the UK’s biggest and most trusted consumer finance websites. We have a Group net promoter score of 70, a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement indicating the likelihood of customers to recommend our brand services to others.

Strength in breadth

MONY Group has an unmatched breadth of products and services from insurance, money, home services, travel comparison and cashback; we have strength in our breadth. This breadth means we have more ways to help households save more money and provide an attractive marketplace for providers to acquire new customers in a cost-effective way.

The result?

Highly profitable growth

EBITDA margin


  • 2023
    • 31
  • 2022
    • 30

EBITDA growth


  • 2023
    • 14
  • 2022
    • 15

Strong operating cash flow with efficient capital allocation

Operating cash flow


  • 2023
    • 102.2
  • 2022
    • 104.2

Growth from core and new markets

Organic revenue growth


  • 2023
    • 11
  • 2022
    • 8

Recent performance

Revenue (£m)


  • 2023
    • 432
  • 2022
    • 387.6

Profit before tax (£m)


  • 2023
    • 92
  • 2022
    • 85.2



  • 2023
    • 132
  • 2022
    • 115.5

Basic EPS (p)


  • 2023
    • 13.5
  • 2022
    • 12.7

Adjusted basic EPS (p)


  • 2023
    • 16.0
  • 2022
    • 14.4

Total dividend per share (p)


  • 2023
    • 12.1
  • 2022
    • 11.7

We helped customers save a record £2.7bn in 2023. The more we can help households save, the more the Group grows. We’re proud that in tough times for consumers, MoneySuperMarket, MoneySavingExpert and Quidco have been able to make a real difference for so many.

Peter Duffy, CEO
February 2024
Peter Duffy, CEO

Strategic KPIs

Estimated Group customer savings


  • 2023
    • 2.7
  • 2022
    • 1.8

Group marketing margin


  • 2023
    • 58
  • 2022
    • 57

MSM and MSE net promoter score


  • 2023
    • 70
  • 2022
    • 72

MSM and Quidco active users


  • 2023
    • 14.2
  • 2022
    • 13.0

MSM and Quidco revenue per active user


  • 2023
    • 17.82
  • 2022
    • 16.24

MSM cross product enquiry


  • 2023
    • 24
  • 2022
    • 23

Estimated Group customer savings

This is calculated by multiplying sales volume by the market average price per product based on external data compared to the cheapest deal in the results table for core channels. Savings for non-core channels are estimated by applying the savings for core channels proportionally to non-core revenue. The cashback earned by Quidco members is included in this KPI.

Group marketing margin

The inverse relationship between Group revenue and total marketing spend represented as a percentage. Total marketing spend is the direct cost of sales plus distribution expenses.

MSM & MSE net promoter score

The 12 monthly rolling average NPS (1 Jan 2023–31 Dec 2023 inclusive) measured by YouGov Brand Index service Recommend Score weighted by revenue for MSM and MSE to create a combined NPS.

MSM & Quidco active users

The number of unique MSM accounts running enquiries on MSM
(car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, van insurance, credit cards, loans and energy channels) in the last 12-month period, plus the number of unique Quidco members making a purchase in the last 12-month period.

MSM & Quidco revenue per active user1

The revenue for MSM channels (car insurance, home insurance,
life insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, van insurance, credit cards, loans and energy channels) plus Quidco revenue net of member commission divided by the number of MSM and Quidco active users for the last 12 months.

MSM cross-channel enquiry

The proportion of MSM active users that enquire in more than one channel (car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, van insurance, credit cards, loans and energy) within a 12-month period

1. Amortisation of acquisition related intangible assets is not included in EBITDA and therefore is only an adjusting item in the adjusted EPS calculation.