Our work to benefit our communities shifted focus this year as we began our partnership with Campaign Against Living Miserably, known as CALM, a suicide prevention charity. Through this work, we strive to broaden and deepen our impact and create a legacy, targeting our support to those most in need.


Colleague engagement with CALM has been phenomenal, with fundraising events from gig nights to golf competitions and weightlifting challenges, culminating in 38 employees taking part in a charity trek in Cambodia on behalf of the charity. Across 2023, we donated just short of £137,000 of our two-year £150,000 target and due to the level of engagement we will be extending the partnership and upping the fundraising target into 2025. In addition, .Community, set up to support small-scale grassroots local charities, has donated to 34 causes this year, totalling £22,585 in donations.  

The Group has made diverse donations to community groups, pre-schools, playgroups and charities such as those supporting autism, stillbirth and neonatal death (Sands). Our contributions extend to healthcare initiatives like the Royal Liverpool’s Knifesavers programme and neurodiversity resources for schools. Through the community fund, we empower Group members to make a positive impact on surrounding communities, continuously seeking new ways to provide support.

CALM charity trek

At the end of 2022, CALM won the employee vote to become Moneysupermarket  Group’s new charity partner. Together, we’re working to tackle one of the biggest risk factors for suicide – worrying about money. We’ll combine our expertise in saving money and CALM’s experience in running life-saving services to make sure people get help when they need it. Throughout 2023, colleagues have been fundraising for the cause, but no single fundraising effort has been more successful than our five-day trek through the Cambodian jungle.

CALM logo

The sentiment of what was going through the group when we were walking was ‘this is hot, but I am having such a great time seeing and experiencing the culture and knowing what we’re doing is making an impact.’ At the end of the day, they are all lifesavers, supporting a cause that’s there to help people who have reached crisis point."

Liam Power
Lead Product Manager, Moneysupermarket Group
Liam Power